21 March 2022: A march to unite Europe in the memory and seek of justice for Innocent victims of organised crime


by Zeno Olimini, Libera International

On 21 March 2022, a dedicated initiative will take place in more than 10 European cities to remember innocent victims of organised crime and demand justice for them. The demonstrations will include reading aloud their names and stories.

These initiatives are inspired by the celebration that the Italian association Libera has been organising on this date for the last 27 years. This event allows all members of the civil society that fight against mafias to stand together and show they are not alone. It is also a way to show closeness to the relatives of innocent victims of mafias that are still seeking justice. Reading aloud the names of all victims has a strong symbolic meaning as it conveys the message that every single life is important and deserves to be remembered.

The demonstrations that have been taking place in Italian cities for more than two decades will now be repeated all over Europe

As CHANCE network, we will be present in Berlin, Köln, München, Leipzig, Paris, Marseille, Strasbourg, Madrid, La Valletta, Tirana, Sofia, Copenhagen, Niš, Brussels and many other cities around Europe.

The killing of innocent people by organised crime in fact is not a solely Italian phenomenon. As all Europeans are facing this problem, it is important to respond all together. This is also the reason why this year in the list of names that Libera will read aloud in its demonstrations will be included names of innocent victims from all over Europe, Latin America and Africa.

Further information

– Giornata nazionale della Memoria e dell’Impegno https://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Giornata_nazionale_della_memoria_e_dell%27impegno_in_ricordo_delle_vittime_delle_mafie

– 21st March 2021 in the world