Gender Politics in Europe: Green Light for the WISE4ALL CHALLENGES project
A project focused on the promotion of a new cultural, ethical, and sustainable model for a more inclusive European political scene

Project Goals

In January 2021, the European Parliament adopted a motion for a resolution that underscores the fundamental importance of the participation of women in European political decision-making processes in order to attain a more effective and successful response to the challenges posed by the pandemic. 

The WISE4ALL Challenges project, situated within this aforementioned context, aims to encourage, incite, and promote the participation of women and young citizens in political decision-making processes regarding Europe’s post-pandemic “revival” as its primary goal.

Libera’s Role

Given the goals of the project, all of the project’s partners work to encourage citizens and NGOs to participate in an exchange of international, multidisciplinary ideas and solutions through the leadership of the four, distinct “pillars” of the project (social rights, environment, health, and education). 

Libera is specifically leading the “social pillar,” a working group focused on the development of a more equal and inclusive civil society to act as an intermediary between citizens and Europe’s major political actors on gender equality and gender politics.

As a first action of the Social Pillar WG we have chosen to promote a survey in order to collect the opinions of citizens from several European countries on gender inequality. We have then elaborated the results and created a toolkit in order to provide a first bottom-up strategy for Civil Society Organisations’ actions. The survey responses of the participants were analysed, thus providing quantitative and qualitative data on the topic. The toolkit is conceived as a practical and accessible tool for associations and individuals to improve the situation in regards to gender equality. 


The results of the survey will enable the creation of a European platform centered on themes regarding social innovation and gender politics while also providing associations, social actors, and civil society with a detailed, researched toolkit to ameliorate their fight for gender equality and enhance their participation in the actions of the European Parliament.

With the objective of remaining a long-term active component and a reference point in the field of gender politics, the project places itself as a direct bridge between citizens and European Union bodies through the identification of precise guidelines to aid Civil Society Organizations in their preparation and competence within themes regarding social innovation and gender equality.

Recovery FundApproaching the Recovery Fund debates with a systemic, specific focus on gender politics and equality is another primary goal of the WISE4ALL CHALLENGES project. In fact, the project aims to ensure that the opinions and rebuttals of European citizens are taken into consideration within plans regarding Europe’s post-pandemic, political “revival.” Furthermore, the project aims to understand how the Recovery Fund may be used to reduce social injustices and analyze the efficiency of the distributed information regarding gender politics and equality.


Sustainable Communication Aisbl, Belgium 

WEP, Belgium

Università di Pisa – Political Science Department, Italy

INCOMA, Spain 


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Project development: January 2021 – March 2022

*Given its international nature, the project will be conducted entirely in English.

This project has received funding from the European Union under grant agreement COMM/SUBV/2020/E/077. The content published on this website and related social media accounts, reflects only the author’s view. The Parliament is not responsible for any use that may be made of the information it contains.