EU Youth In Action
After the success of EuropeHUB comes EU Youth In Action, the new project of the CHANCE network to continue raising awareness about the importance of social and youth entrepreneurship through confiscated and/or reused goods!

In an era where youth participation and civic engagement hold the key to shaping the future, the EU Youth in Action project emerges as a beacon of empowerment and collaboration. Coordinated by Libera, this project brings together 10 partners hailing from diverse EU countries, all of whom are integral members of the CHANCE Network. Building upon the foundation laid by its predecessor, the EUROPE HUB project, this initiative strives to amplify the voice of the youth and converge social entrepreneurship through the innovative avenue of repurposing confiscated assets.

At its core, the EU Youth in Action project is more than just a continuation; it’s an evolution. This endeavor is driven mainly by the goal of elevating youth participation in the realm of civic engagement and social entrepreneurship. It achieves this by tapping into in a resource that is at the centre of interest of the CHANCE network – confiscated assets.


Central to the project’s ambitions are its meticulously crafted objectives:

  • Strengthening Inter-Association Cooperation: The project paves the way for enhanced collaboration among CHANCE network associations working in the realm of youth. By aligning the needs of European youth and youth organizations with the practical tools of social action, the project effectively weaves a robust tapestry for the prevention and mitigation of organized crime.
  • Fostering Social Entrepreneurship: Recognizing the transformative potential of social entrepreneurship, the project emphasizes its impact on youth employability. Through a focused lens on social enterprises rooted in confiscated assets at the EU level, the initiative catalyzes a rich exchange of best practices. This exchange, coupled with continuous interactions with relevant stakeholders and institutions, underpins the implementation of policies geared toward the holistic empowerment of youth.

The EU Youth In Action project envisions a Europe united by the collective aspiration of its young citizens. By imparting awareness, fostering collaboration, and nurturing social entrepreneurship, the project marks a pivotal stride toward a future where youth not only participate but lead in shaping their communities and societies.


The EU Youth in Action project includes a series of dynamic activities, each designed to breathe life into the project’s overarching vision of youth empowerment, civic engagement, and social entrepreneurship.

Unlocking Potential Through Asset Reuse

One facet of the project’s activities revolves around the strategic utilization of confiscated assets. Drawing inspiration from the successful Italian precedents, CHANCE is committed to extending the impact of confiscated assets on a European canvas. The network’s dedication to the public and social re-use of confiscated properties has seen fruition in Italy and now extends its influence across the continent. 

This initiative is driven by the implementation of CHANCE’s Political Agenda. The seeds sown in April 2019, when this agenda was presented to the European Parliament, are now poised to flourish into a thriving European strategy for solidarity, societal engagement, and the valorization of confiscated assets. Through the project’s diligent actions, the CHANCE Network will evolve into a hub of specific tools, poised to pave the way for social justice and active citizenship initiatives within vulnerable contexts, particularly among the youth.

Youth Engagement and Collaboration

The project’s scope expands further, actively engaging civil society organizations in the realm of youth. This endeavor champions the fostering of youth participation in democratic life and underscores the importance of proactive collaboration with relevant institutions. By interlinking the CHANCE network members, the project enables the transfer of knowledge regarding youth-driven citizenship actions across European nations. It delves into the depth of their participation in upholding core EU values and their role in shaping engagement at the EU, national, and local levels.

Building upon the successes of the Europe Hub project, this innovative proposal perpetuates the commitment to amplifying awareness about the profound impact of social entrepreneurship on youth employability. A specific focus is directed towards social enterprises that emerge from the realm of confiscated assets at the EU level. This not only extends the boundaries of the CHANCE Network but also invites civil society organizations to delve into the realm of social and public asset reuse as a powerful tool for advancing values like equal rights, democracy, and a unified EU identity. These enterprises also serve as instruments to breathe new life into vulnerable environments and galvanize inclusive youth employability.

This project is funded by the European Union (ERASMUS Operating Grants Framework Partnerships).

Project Number: 101122001
Project Development: 01/01/2023-31/12/2023

Partner Organizations:
Libera. Associazioni, nomi e numeri contro le mafie – Italy (leading partner).

Eine Welt e.V. Leipzig – Germany

mafianeindanke e.V. – Germany

Basta ASBL – Belgium 

DeMains Libres – France 

Fundación FIADYS – Spain 

Repubblika – Malta 

Open Space Foundation – Bulgaria 

Between – Portugal 

Engim – Albania 

Asociația pentru Cooperare și Dezvoltare Durabila – Romania