Youth In Connection
In this 2024, European election year, the #YouthInConnection project arrives to continue the work started last year with more youth and citizen empowerment actions!

Youth In Connection: Empowering Youth Engagement and Promoting Social Justice

Amidst the current landscape where youth involvement in civic affairs is increasingly pivotal, the Youth In Connection project brings a new opportunity for youth empowerment and civil society collaboration. Coordinated by Libera and different CHANCE members, this initiative is poised to catalyse meaningful action across local, national, and EU spheres, with a core focus on promoting social justice and combating organized crime and corruption.

Project Objectives

Youth In Connection is strategically designed to achieve the following objectives:

Empowerment of CHANCE Action: By elevating the expertise of CHANCE members and facilitating constructive dialogue among stakeholders, the project aims to bolster collective efforts in advancing social justice and youth engagement.

Enhancing Citizens’ Participation: With a deliberate emphasis on the forthcoming 2024 European Elections, the project seeks to stimulate discourse on EU values and democratic processes. Furthermore, it endeavours to engage civil society and institutions in assessing the alignment of MEP candidates with CHANCE’s Manifesto objectives, thereby fostering an environment conducive to preventing organized crime and corruption.

Expected Impact and Beneficiaries

The expected outcomes of Youth In Connection are multifaceted, encompassing enhanced cooperation among CHANCE members, heightened voter awareness, increased engagement of civil society organizations and youth, and raised awareness regarding the importance of promoting a culture of compliance and participation in decision-making processes. 


As we embark on this transformative journey, Youth In Connection stands as a testament to our collective commitment to empowering youth, promoting social justice, and fostering a culture of active citizenship. Together, we endeavour to shape a future where every voice is heard, every right is upheld, and every individual has the opportunity to thrive.

Partnership Network

Youth In Connection draws strength from a collaborative network of esteemed partners, including:

  • LIBERA. Associazioni, nomi e numeri contro le mafie – Italy
  • Mafianeindanke e.V. – Germany
  • Foundation for Applied Research in Crime and Security (FIADYS) – Spain
  • Eine Welt e.V. – Germany
  • ENGIM Albania – Albania
  • Open Space Foundation – Bulgaria
  • Repubblika – Malta
  • DeMains Libres – France
  • Asociația pentru Cooperare si Dezvoltare Durabilă – Romania
  • BASTA! – Belgium
  • Entretodos – Associação Portuguesa de Parcerias para o Desenvolvimento Social (Between) – Portugal
  • Protecta – Serbia
  • S-COM – Belgium