Seeking justice for victims of organised crime

A commitment for social justice, for the Truth and for supporting victims of organised crime and their families

21st March: the Day of Remembrance and Commitment for all victims of organised crime

On the 21st of March of every year CHANCE, together with Libera, celebrates the more than 1000 innocent victims of organised crime. In Italy it foresees a public event in which the names and surnames of all the innocent victims of mafias and organised crime are read aloud (the complete list can be consulted in the website Libera – Sito della Memoria). The official event is held every year from 1996 in a different Italian city and from 2017 the 21st of March is officially recognised by the italian state as the “Day of Remembrance and Commitment in memory of the victims of the mafias”. The remembrance of innocent victims of organised crime is not however an Italian issue only. In the last years, the sharing of this experience with associations around Europe, Latin America and Africa has been promoted through the initiative ‘ponti di memoria internazionale’ (International bridges of memory). This Day is one of the most important initiatives promoted within the CHANCE network, improving the remembrance of stories of people killed by criminal hand, who often have not already obtained Truth and Justice.

Supporting victims of organised crime for Truth and Justice

Hyso Thelaraj, Daphne Caruana Galizia, Jan Kuciak and Martina Kusnirova, Dirk Wiersum, Peter R. De Vries, Pierre Michel, Anna Politkovskaja are only a few names of OC victims, who have demonstrated the violence of criminal groups and white collars around Europe, and not only. It is fundamental to not live alone with their families, foundations and dedicated associations. For this reason, we work to improve their awareness and, at the same time, to support them during investigations and trials, strengthening their search of Truth and Justice, which is our search too.