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Centre for the Promotion of Civil Society 


Centre for the Promotion of Civil Society 

The Centre for Civil Society Promotion was established on June 10, 1996. He was registered with the competent court in Sarajevo on 15 July 1996 under the number: R-I-128/96. In accordance with the Law on Associations of Citizens and Foundations of the Federation of BiH, re-registration and harmonisation with the Law was performed on July 14, 2000 under the number: 04-05-2-3813 / 2000.

The CPCD mission is contributing to the strengthening of civil society in BiH by supporting the development of civil society organisations and their mutual cooperation and networking, establishing a framework for effective relations with the government and profit sector and the development of civic activism, as well as promoting the nonprofit sector as a quality and indispensable actor in socio-economic development of the country.

CPCD is an independent, stable and highly professional organisation that provides quality programs and services to support the development of civil society, cooperates with numerous partners in BiH and the region and is an important factor in the fight for a better life of BiH citizens. CPCD bases its activities on the motivation, knowledge and ideas of its employees and volunteers, who are fully committed to achieving the mission of the organisation. External vision: A society of informed, educated and responsible citizens, actively involved in combating the challenges facing today’s BiH society as well as an efficient, responsible and capable government at all levels of society.

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