Who we are 

Center for civil society development PROTECTA is a non-political, non-governmental and non-profit association, established in  1998, in the City of Nis, South Serbia, founded permanently for achieving goals of building civil society in Serbia.

PROTECTA is well known in Serbia, especially in southern Serbia as one of  the oldest and largest CSOs working outside of Belgrade (City of Nis). More than 130  implemented projects on local, nation and international level during 24 years of history speak in favour of the reputation PROTECTA has built during these years, and continues to build. Our organization has strong relationships with the governmental,  business and non-governmental sector in Serbia and Europe. PROTECTA actively participates in the development of strategic documents on various topics, on the local but also on the national level. We currently have 6 employees, and a large database with around 30  volunteers who actively participate in all PROTECTA project activities.

 What we do

The goals of PROTECTA are:

1. Encouraging and strengthening independent civil and youth initiatives through building capacities and citizen awareness

2. Promoting democracy processes on the local, national and international level and building the role of citizens in the processes of decision reaching

3. Building capacities for organizations and important institutions for the development of social and economic standard.

Fields of work and interest:

– Promoting democracy, democratic values and legislation;

– Fight against organized crime and corruption;

– Developing civil society and the civil sector in Serbia;

– Environment and sustainable development

– Decentralization and regionalization of society;

– Promotion of European integration standards and values;

– Youth policy, standard, education, activism and voluntarism;

– Economic strengthening of the population and economic subjects;

– Promotion of the innovative models of social activities

– Culture and intercultural exchange.

For  last  24  years  over 100 people participated in our activities as employed and several hundred as volunteers. For all this time, we worked with several dozen different local, national and international donors. We are members of several national and international networks of the CSO’s (NGO’s) and we are open to new partnerships and cooperation.

Contacts and links

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