Who we are

The Foundation for Applied Research in Crime and Security (FIADYS) is a non-profit organisation that aims to promote scientific research in the fields of crime and security with a focus on professional practice and the needs of society.

We have an extensive network of renowned national and international researchers which allows us to develop projects in multiple areas.

We act as a bridge between the Academy and the society in order to transfer the conclusions of research to the professionals and public entities that ensure safety and crime prevention.

Our Goals are focused on research, training, consulting and international cooperation.

What we do

  1. Develop scientific and applied research in the field of crime in any of its forms.
  2. Promote applied training in issues related to crime and its prevention.
  3. Act as a link between the Academy and the society, disseminating and developing applied research projects that pay back a return in the prevention of crime and security.
  4. Distribute the results of scientific research to professionals, public and private entities that contribute to prevent and intervene in different crime areas.
  5. Foster security as well as the prevention and reduction of crime through the development of local, national or international programs and international cooperation.

As a founding member of the CHANCE network, our commitment has been through defining a political agenda, contributing on several projects and participating as speakers on events hosted by different institutions such as the European Parliament, the European Commission and Civil Society Organizations in Europe.

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Who we are

The aim of the (not yet legally created) Association is to contribute to the civil society awareness on the corruption and organized crime phenomena in Spain, mainly, pointing out the -bad- consequences of that. 

This is our principal purpose. That can be done through the social media, participating in investigations and research programs, collaborating with other organizations , speeches, articles etc

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