CHANCE Denmark

CHANCE Denmark

CHANCE DENMARK’s — began when Libera’s president, Don Luigi Ciotti, visited Copenhagen in 2018. The group was committed to raising awareness about the presence of mafias in society while highlighting some of Liberia’s initiatives. 

In 2018, a high school collaborated with the University of Københavns, DEO, and l’Istituto Italiano di Cultura in Copenhagen. Despite the difficulties encountered with the coronavirus, they organized an online session to inform people about Libera. They even had a session on March 21, the Day of Remembrance and Commitment, to honor all the victims of organized crime. Furthermore, when the university organizes study trips to Italy, CHANCE Denmark met with local Libera groups. At the same time,  l’Istituto Italiano di Cultura collaborated with Libera by releasing a video dedicated to Libera’s networks on March 21, 2021, something CHANCE Denmark also participated in. The Danish group also translated Italian books about fighting the mafia into Danish like La speranza non è in vendita e Lettera a un razzista del terzo millennio by Luigi Ciotti.