CHANCE Switzerland


CHANCE Switzerland

CHANCE Switzerland was born in 2017, following the experience of the association “Amici di Libera in Svizzera”.

Already engaged in various collaborations with Libera since 2012, the group has participated in and organised activities and opportunities for raising awareness in the Swiss civil society.

Indeed, the group’s main activity goal is increasing the perception of the population to the criminal and corruptive phenomenon in Switzerland. 

Among many initiatives, the last two main activities have been promoted together with Madeleine Rossi, author of the book “La Mafia en Suisse”, through two public events in Neuchâtel and Aigle, where Mr Gerardo Lardieri – Carabinieri’s Lieutenant-Colonel and Chief of Judiciary’s Police in Catanzaro has participated too. 

At international level, the Swiss group is one of the founder of CHANCE network in 2016. Since the beginning it has regularly participated in the network’s activities in its online and onsite meetings, in the events organised by the other network’s members, and actively contributed to the preliminary discussions and the drafting of CHANCE’s Political Agenda and Manifesto.

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