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Who we are

Mafianeindanke (MND) is a non-profit association engaged in the prevention of mafia phenomena, organised crime and corruption based in Germany. Formally registered in 2009, it was initiated by a group of Italian restaurant-owners in Berlin, who opposed and denounced a request of protection money in 2007, just a couple of months after a multiple mafia-murder had taken place in Duisburg. Since then, the main goal of the association is to raise awareness about the presence of mafias and organised crime within Germany, and inform about the risks that those phenomena represent for democracy, social justice, equality and freedom.

What we do

MND pursues these objectives by promoting many initiatives to increase the information available on these issues, by organising a variety of events to inform the general public as well as youth and institutions; by participating in European research projects and reinforcing cooperation networks among stakeholders.

The activities of the organisation are coordinated by a small and energetic group of engaged citizens, who believe that this topic has to be more researched and acknowledged. The association is based in Berlin, but there are active groups also in Munich and Cologne, as well as many active individuals all over Germany contributing to the many activities, ranging from information, social-media communication, to research and political advocacy, non-formal education and consulting.

Contacts and links

Mafianeindanke – Website

Mafianeindanke – Facebook

Mafianeindanke – Instagram

Eine Welt

Who we are

Eine Welt e.V. Leipzig is a non-profit organisation active for over 30 years in the field of international relations, developmental co-operation and youth welfare. Its focus lies on intercultural and global learning to strengthen understanding and tolerance towards other cultures. The organisation particularly intends on promoting fair trade and environmentally friendly manufactured products by undertaking public activities in relation to global development problems and lifestyle issues.

What we do

The main components of our work are:

– Multilateral youth exchanges;

– Extra and intra curricular activities and youth education;

– Intercultural and international youth work on issues of global learning, sustainability, legality and fair trade;

– Youth work about the contrast of transnational organised crime;

– Short and long volunteering services in Germany, Italy, Ukraine, Russia and India;

– Work in fair trade shop and in its network;

– Info, media and library;

– Migrant integration projects;

– Development projects in Eastern Europe and India.

Eine Welt e.V. is active in  particular in Saxony and it is part of the Saxon Development Policy Network (ENS), is a partner of the City Youth Council of Leipzig, is accredited by the Working Group Youth Facilities Saxony (AGJF) and part of the network Service for Peace Action Group (AGDF). In 2016 it received the UNESCO award for ‘Best German Learning Centre for Sustainable Development’ and in 2021 for ‘Education for Sustainable Development: Achieving the Global Goals for Sustainability (SDGs 2030)’.

Contacts and links

EineWelt-Leipzig – Website

EineWelt-Leipzig – Facebook

EineWelt-Leipzig – Instagram